Artistic resume & approach

Artistic Resume, Sylvie Laurin November 2023

Artistic approach 

I am inspired both by the beauty of nature as well as shocked by our clumsy human intrusions, our bad environmental and social practices. My multidisciplinary artistic practice is expressed through sculpture, installation, body adornment, contemporary jewelry and more recently ephemeral outdoor installations which serve my committed purpose well. I want to extend the use of ephemeral and perishable materials in my interior works to my studio practice. The conceptual intention expressed through my artistic creations must affirm, question, suggest, denounce with the aim of provoking a reaction, a reflection by shaking up perceptions. The supremacy of Man in the face of various environmental and social issues strongly motivates me as an artist.

As soon as a current situation strongly affects me, I choose creation to release all this negative energy that invades me. My creative process began from then on, anchored mainly in exploration and experimentation in the workshop. Various transformations of matter, destruction, combination, juxtaposition until thirsty, letting the matter speak to my hands. The final choice of materials, mainly recycled and coming from our overconsumption, is made according to the intention of the work.

Through the concept addressed and the work on shapes, associations of materials, colors, textures, each creation questions the cultural universe and the perceptions of the observer while suggesting avenues for reflection and interpretation. I will also ask him for a physical investment, a concrete participation.

Speech through adornment and sculpture

A societal and environmental message